Buying Property in Alanya

The Turkish Government takes great pains to stimulate tourism. Since mid 1960 the order controlling of settlement has been altered in such a way that private persons from abroad are enabled to buy and descend property.

Please pay attention to the following points.

- From July 2003 the new TAPU law (4916, book 19, section 35) allows foreigners to purchase and sell property within the boundaries of villages also.

- According to this law on tourist settlement (nr. 2634, 8/E), the Central Chambers of Registration has to grant and entry the purchase of a purchased property. This applies particularly to areas outside the tourist regions.

-Excluded are, areas within military and safety zones. Without any exception, inquiries have to be made at the military authorities at Izmir. Contractual settlement and entry in the registry office can be realized only after permission of the military authorities. If a property in the same complex - as your purchase - has been sold to foreign people after the year 2011, the local registry office doesn’t need permission from the military authorities to right the title deed into your name.

Entry in the register of real property.

The process.

1. The buyer authorizes the real estate agent or the local registry office. With this authorisation the agent starts to apply for all necessary licences, and for the entry in the Central Chamber of Registration, within all legal potentialities and laws.

2. Application for/ entry in the Central Chambers of registration. Before obtaining authorisation of the military authorities at Izmir or the authorization of the local registry office, the purchaser has to deliver the following items:
   - 2 passport photographs.
   - 2 copies of the passport.
   - present address of the country in which the purchaser lives.
   - name of the father and mother of the purchaser, and a Turkish Tax identity number.
   The seller has to supply:
   - 1 passport photograph.
   - 2 copies of the identity card or passport.
   - present living address.
   - tax identity number.

3. An official interpreter proceeds with the process and will give the purchaser an oral explanation about the location and details of the purchased object. After the consent of the purchaser to the registry office, the purchaser will receive the original copy ( tapu senedi ) of the entry in the register of real property. If required a written translation of the title-deed (TAPU) can be obtained.

4. The transfer tax is 4% over the value stated on the title deed ( Tapu senedi). Administrative and notaries costs will amount differently, depending of the bought object. 
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Annual property taxes.

0.1 % (of the property value stated in the title deed ).

Plot beyond town boundaries
0.1 % (of the property value stated in the title deed ).

Buildings (general)
0.2 % (of the property value stated in the title deed ).

0.3 % (of the property value stated in the title deed ).

Additional costs at the purchase process. 

4% Conveyance tax : The tax amount relates to the property value stated in the tapu. Conveyance tax is determined, based on the value and location of the property, and will be paid at the Ziraat Bank. 

Tax of landownership: This is defined by the value given and the situation of the immovable good. Between € 300.- until € 2500.-  

Notary cost: A purchaser can give a power of attorney to the real estate agent. Approx. € 90.- Please note that there need to be a official interpreter present to explain what your are giving full powers for, and to who, and what the consequences can be! Please be well informed before giving full powers to anyone!  

Charge of writing: These are the costs to prepare for registration. Approx. € 250.-

Interpreter: The law in Turkey prescribes a sworn interpreter for legally correctness at the registry office or at the notary office. € 50.-

Delivering at military administration

Returning costs (yearly)
Property tax: Each year the legal owner of a property in Turkey will have to pay before 31 May property tax. one to a thousand of the title deed value as determined by the local municipality, has to be fulfilled to the local town hall.

Costs of electricity, water and telephone. 


€ 150.- Subscription of a new property ( only once)

€   60.- Subscription to your name ( only once)


€ 300.- Subscription of a new property (only once)

€   60.- Subscription to your name (only once)


€ 7.- Monthly costs from up