Cost and Tax

One-off costs of buying a property :

Real Estate Transfer Tax :4% of the current value at the municipality from approx. 850,-Euro

Documents fees:preparation costs , registration costs: approx. 250,- Euro

Sworn interpreter:To get safely to your destination, a certified interpreter Is required by law approx. 50,- Euro

Notary fees :Power of attorney for Tapu, electricity / water to / registration, municipality approx. 90,- Euro

Submission to the military authorities in Izmir approx. 260,- Euro

Buying property through us, we will help you free of charge when issuing your tax number at the tax office, opening a bank account, etc.

Agent fee: 3% of the sales price

Annual and monthly costs for your property :

Telephone, electricity, water subscriptions

Telephone from approx.Monthly minimum charge 7 Euro

Electricity:Single sign-on, if it is brand new: from approx. 150,- Euro

Re-registration in your name: from approx. 90,- Euro

1 Kw/happrox. 0,12 Euro


Single sign-on, if it is brand new: from approx. 300,- Euro

Re-registration in your name: from approx. 60,- Euro

Monthly costs:1 m3 approx. 0,65 Euro

Yearly property tax:0,1 % of the stated current value

Yearly costs in condominiums:

Apartments from approx. 300,- Euro

Villasfrom approx. 1200,- Euro


Maintenance of your apartment:
350,- Euro p.a.

Maintenance of your villa:
450,- Euro p.a.