Living Permission

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Many of our customers are using their second home as their first. This because they stay a long time in the country. Normally one gets a tourist visa by entering Turkey. This visa is valid for only three months ( 90 days ).

But it is easy to get a living permission for longer than three months. Most people ask immediately for a permission of one year. This one is given without any problems. All you need to do is show an official renting contract or show your ownership papers of the object you purchased. The tourist police asks also for a copy of your passport and a bank account book in Turkey with a minimum $ 1,500.- cash on it, per person.

After you got one time a living permission for one year, you can get a living permission for two years of longer. Even up to five years. Of course the tourist police asks then a bank account with more money on it.

A living permit in Turkey is called an ikamet. Or the so called blue book.

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