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Most objects are sold new. This way adjustments, if wished for, will be done by the building company.

However there are also objects which aren’t that new anymore. Buyers often want to have small things changed or renewed. These things are simple.

But what if you want your object to be renovated completely. This is very well possible. Art-Öz real estate has a lot of experience in renovating apartments for our customers.

Most renovation works are : complete new bathroom.
Complete new kitchen.
Replace old wooden window frames by new aluminium pvc
Coated double glazed.
New tile floor or marble tile floor.
Air conditioner units.
And many more matters of peoples choices.

Each situation is different and there for each situation brings other costs. Together with the client and craftsmen we work out a plan and cost prognosis. After a signed agreement the renovation will be done in maximum one month till six weeks.

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